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Growing A Business Online Can Be Tricky; Notice! Makes It A Treat!

We install “new client” attraction & acquisition systems so growth-minded business owners can be set free…

Facebook & YouTube Ads Marketing

With over 2 billion active users on its platform, Facebook has positioned itself as the go-to option in advertising. YouTube has also emerged as a powerful catalyst for growth for those business owners who aren’t afraid to face the camera and brag on their company for a bit!

Lead Generating Chat Bots

Notice! Marketing uses cutting edge marketing tools to boost your client acquisition strategies. Even still in 2023, one of the better working digital marketing trends is automated chat bots through Facebook Messenger. They’re fun and customers love them.

Marketing Funnel Creation

Websites are nice, please don’t misunderstand. We even build them. But nothing can take the place of the specificity a carefully crafted marketing funnel can provide. New to funnels? Schedule a call and we’ll use one to scale up your next campaign.

Google Maps Local Top Ranking

Even as sophisticated as many businesses are in their marketing, most have yet to optimize their online ranking according to what the local Google Map Pack wants to see in order to rank at the top. Ask about our 90 Day Rank Guarantee!

Now Optimizing AI To Grow Businesses With ChatGPT

For a few years now, Artificial Intelligence has been on the outside of the business world looking in. In 2023, however, things went mainstream when a chat function was built on top of a large language model (LLM) and thus ChapGPT was formed. Although it is not the only LLM out there, it’s ease of use and massive presence has already transformed companies who have utilized it.

At Notice Marketing, we help businesses install “personas” inside ChatGPT that act just like a new member of the team. Thus far, here are the key areas where our created personas have assisted “future-thinking” business owners:
– An Intelligent Marketing Assistant
– An HR Management Assistant
– A Tax Strategist For SMB’s

Your digital footprint is the new storefront! No longer are people walking downtown looking for a place to spend their hard-earned money. Rather, they are looking online first, then following through on that impulse by showing up at – or – contacting your business. Let’s talk about a roadside billboard for a moment. How many uninterested drivers zoom by those things everyday? With online ads, not only do you determine where the billboard (the ad) is placed, you also require that only those who are interested in your service get to drive on your road in the first place. That’s called traffic control and we offer that here at Notice! Marketing.

Jason Sherman

Director, Notice! Marketing

New Leads First Month

Car Wash Case Study

The process we use for each digital marketing campaign has produced results nationwide. One Car Wash in Texas recently ran the same offer for 3 months consecutively. It generated 400 leads, 86 phone calls (people ready to come in and pay money), 37 comments on the ad showing more interest in the product, and 15 shares (which equals free traffic to others from a trusted friend). Oh, and the follow up was basically on autopilot encouraging those who hadn’t come in yet to do so while the deal was still being offered!

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