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💬 SMS Spa Profits - Currently Offering A Completely Donated Setup ($297 Value) To 5 Spa Owners

💬 Never Have A Slow Day At Your Spa Again By Using This Cutting-Edge, SMS Marketing Service To Reach Your Biggest Fans 💬

Tired of using outdated, never-quite-working, marketing methods for your Spa? 🚀 Skyrocket your outreach & profits instead using this SMS-based,

list building tool!

Tired of using outdated, never-quite-working, marketing methods for your Spa?

🚀Skyrocket your outreach & profits instead using this SMS-based, list building tool!

🔥 Hot Fact: The average open rate for text message marketing campaigns is 98%, compared to 20% open rate for email campaigns.

Let's Talk Outcomes... Our "SMS List Profits" Tool Allows Your Spa To:

Encourage Your Patrons To Return More Often

Create Joyful Marketing Experiences For Clients

Grow A List Of People To Notify For Sales & Events

Skyrocket Engagement With QR Code Scans

Engage Everyone On Your SMS List With ONE Text

Sit In The Driver's Seat By Speeding Up Your Growth

Reach Your Customers On A Platform They Prefer

Apply A Tool That 's Only Used By 9% Of Spas

See Tremendous Response With 98% Open Rates

Make More Money. Save More Time. Do All Of This Without Needing To Download An App Or Learn A Difficult-To-Use Software...

Simply Use The PHONE In Your HAND & Send A Text.

Recent Results:

Business Owners And Customers 💙 SMS Marketing As A Channel!

🔥 Hot Fact: 75% of customers don't mind receiving SMS text messages from brands for special offers & events if they opted in for the service. [Marketing Profs - 2021]

🔥 Hot Fact: 50% of U.S. Consumers make a purchase after receiving an advertising text, a discount link, or a QR Code. [Mobit - 2021]

🔥 Hot Fact: It is predicted that 48.7 Million consumers will opt in to receive business SMS Messaging by 2022. [City Numbers - 2021]

How "SMS List Profits" Stacks Up

SMS List Profits
Other SMS Softwares

Free Setup ($297 Value) - $49 Per Month (Save 70%)

$97 - $200 Per month [$1,200 - $2,400 Per Year!]

Message Limits


Limit How Many Messages You Send Monthly

"Text Keyword" Campaigns


Extra Setup & Management Fee

Keyword Limits


More Than 1 Keyword Costs Extra

Subscriber Limits


Fees Increase As You Cross Higher Subscriber Numbers

QR Code Availability


Not Available

Cost Per Message

$0.0075 per message (500 msgs = $3.75)

Included In Their Overpriced Packages Above

Time Required For Setup

2 Days

3 - 5 Days

Can You Handle This For me?

Yes. Monthly Management Included In The $49/mo.

Nope. You're On Your Own.


+ Why Should I Use SMS Marketing For My Spa?

Because times have changed. Email is still a profitable channel but it's getting ignored more and more - 20% open rates attest to that. SMS Marketing is Email Marketing 2.0 - an amazing new opportunity that few businesses have invested in and it's actually preferred 3 to 1 by consumers. [Twilio]

+ Isn't This Complicated To Use?

Absolutely not! If you have ever sent a text message from your phone, you can use SMS List Profits as a marketing method for your business. No quirky apps to download or difficult-to-use softwares to learn. Just pull out your phone and send your list a text - one text goes to all subscribers at once!

+ Are You Really Donating The Setup?

Yes. Our current offer, which is good for the first 5 spa owners who claim it, is for FREE setup ($297 Value) and then only a $49 per month usage rate (70% Off).

+ Why Is There A "cost per message" if I'm paying each month?

Notice Marketing charges $49/month after the FREE setup. However, the framework we build your SMS Marketing system on has a miniscule, "per message" fee they charge to use their platform. (Let's say your SMS list grows to 250 subscribers. If you texted them 4x a month, you would have $7.50 in messaging fees, instead of the $97 - $200 per month you would pay other SMS Softwares who also scale your fees up when you reach that number anyway.)

+ Is Your Team Available To Set All This Up Before Black Friday Rolls Around?

Yes. While we are currently offering this FREE setup with enough time to claim it and have everything setup before Black Friday rolls around. This special is only good for the first 5 spa owners who claim it, so please reach out and let's get yours going!

Got Any Questions? Talk To A Real Human!

Get the full breakdown of SMS List Profits with a quick-guided, zero runaround walkthrough and determine your next step.

Learn what our special "FREE Setup" offer is all about and find out if it's a good fit for your spa today.

💬 SMS List Profits