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7 Ad Hacks To Skyrocket Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

by Sep 15, 2020Digital Marketing, Small Business

Use these key frameworks to optimize your Facebook Ads into conversion making superstars!

You can make the case that Facebook is both the best and worst place to spend your marketing dollars in 2018. It is the best because if you do it right, you can scale each campaign to the point where 3x or 10x your ad spend is possible. It’s the worst because if you don’t know what you’re doing, its SUPER easy to throw away money, throw up your hands, and declare to anyone listening that Facebook Advertising doesn’t work. Most small business owners have done more throwing away money than making money with this platform. That’s unfortunate.

Never fear! Jason with Notice! Marketing is here. If it’s ok with you, I’d like to show you the 7 Necessary Hacks To Set Up A Successful FB Ad.

So here are the 7 Steps To A Powerfully Converting Facebook Ad…

✅    On the first line of the ad copy, call out your Audience! For example, if you’re a ladies’ hairstylist in a suburb of Dallas, say “Hey Ladies of Arlington…”

✅   Within the copy of the ad, use an “attention-getting, thumb-stopping, click-worthy offer.” Here’s a secret for you: Don’t just say “Come by to see us, ya hear!” No, no, no, no, no. There’s no way to profit from that besides the few who may actually stumble on over to your shop. Instead, try “I’m Marie from Studio 325 and this month we’re offering a Haircut, Highlights, professional styling, and two bottles of your favorite product for $67.00” With this format, you’re already preparing your new client to SPEND MONEY. Strange isn’t it?

✅   Feature a clear, focused, and personal photo of you or your team within the confines of your office or just outside if you can. (No stock photos!)

✅   Call out your target audience’s pains and frustrations! (Do you even know them? Do you assume you know them but haven’t asked your customers?) By the way, this is called Customer Research and it is hands down the most important part of what I offer at Notice! Marketing. Without the information, we can only guess what to put in the ad, spend money on it, hope it works, and most of the time – it doesn’t. With the research info on hand, we already know what to put in the ad because your future customers have already told us.

✅   Within the ad itself, use a scarcity-based action. Try to find a way to communicate this scarcity is genuine. For example, I’m still growing my agency and have yet to assemble a full team, so I can only take on about 3-5 new clients each month. Going on the hairstylist vibe above, maybe mention “I only have room for x new clients a day so I can only give out x new vouchers”. The human brain only takes action once it has something to lose. This is why scarcity works so well in marketing.

✅   Just beneath the photo on the FB ad, mention your click-worthy offer again. People who are online have massive deficit disorders. People who are on social media have it even worse. Make sure you remind your future clients and customers what is exactly you’re doing for them again.

✅   Very important… Send those clicks from the ad to a landing page. “What’s a landing page?” you may ask. It is a web page designed to perfectly match your ad, provide only one call to action (to take you up on your offer from the ad), and a form for them to leave their info in exchange for the voucher, coupon, lead magnet, etc. DO NOT send those people to your website! Why? Because there are too many things for your readers to do (and their Internet Attention Deficit Disorder [IADD] kicks in) and they don’t do anything. Don’t be that person who wastes all their ad spend on confusing their future client.

By the way, if you needed help with any of this on your next digital marketing campaign AND you see the value in investing with someone who can more than pay for their fees by bringing in more clients and customers, reach out to me. If we’re a good fit, we can get started on your “Wallet Out, Ready To Buy, Standing In Your Business” New Client Generator.

This is the day to get started on digital marketing! What could your business or practice do with 30 Customer Opportunities guaranteed each month? Let’s set up a strategy call over the phone and find out!