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Roofers, Double Your Sales By Pouring These Four Ingredients Into Your Marketing Plan

by Oct 28, 2020Construction Marketing, Roofing

Alright roofing friends, you’re visiting this post because of the “Amazing Profit Formula” we’ve mentioned across a few different channels.

So I’ll not waste your time. Let’s get right to it…

Here is the four ingredients needed for doubling your leads, clients, and profits for 2019…

T x R x S x f = AP


T = traffic
R = retargeting
S = segmentation
f = follow up

It looks like this…

Traffic x Retargeting x Segmentation x Follow Up = Amazing Profits

Including all of the variables above (traffic, segmentation, retargeting, follow up) in your marketing campaigns will double your sales in 2019, easy.

Stating The Obvious…

Most roofing professionals already believe in creating traffic, so YOU very likely already have the first ingredient on hand.

What do I mean by creating traffic? Thousands of roofing companies across the country are already investing in pay per click advertising. In the roofing industry, that’s a hefty (but profitable) investment! I’ve seen roofing PPC bids go up to as high as $50 – $75 PER CLICK in some regions.

Depending on how many times people are searching for your keyword string each month, PPC budgets can quickly climb to $4,000+ per month just for clicks.

But is it worth it to get the traffic coming to your website?


So again, most of you guys and gals already have the first part of this equation settled. Traffic isn’t the problem with your company, but I can still guarantee you’re bleeding away money!

How do I know that? That’s a good question, and I’m going to tell you the answer.

Out of every 10 roofing company websites I go to (and I visit a lot), 8 of them are doing nothing with the traffic they’re paying for.

Why is this important? I’ll put it to you like this…

By even the most generous traffic metrics, only 5% to 8% of traffic arriving at your website converts on the first visit. There are several reasons why this happens and very rarely is it because the prospect is not interested.

In fact, a bounce from your site has a lot more to do with LIFE happening than it does with interest level. If there is one thing that’s at a deficit online, it is ATTENTION.

Think about your life while looking for something online… Are you at work? A phone call ends the session. At home? If you have children, you know where this is going… In the car? Don’t do that – just don’t. You won’t live long enough to be profitable. 😄 How about searching on your phone? If so, you’re only one text, DM, or call away (do people still call?) from leaving your online journey.

Now these low conversion figures make more sense.

By the estimates above, 92% – 95% of traffic that your company is paying premium rates to attract to your website is leaving without a trace. And not only are they going away, but they are also disappearing without giving you the opportunity to capitalize on their visit.

That’s where RETARGETING comes in… Trust me, you’ll wanna stick around for this – it gets exciting (not to mention, VERY profitable 💰)!

For the uninitiated, retargeting is a form of online advertising that helps keep your company’s brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.

It is a cookie-based technology that uses simple Javascript code installed on the backend of your site to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience all over the Web.

Simply put, retargeting is showing the right ad to the right audience at the right time. And it converts like crazy!

But people come to your website, and they do different things, right? For example, some of you market to both residential and commercial customers. Your site already has made that differentiation by placing those services on different pages.

Well, you can’t serve a “one-size-fits-all” ad to everyone bragging about your residential roofing capabilities. Why not? Because some of your traffic came to learn more about your commercial services and the residential ad wouldn’t fit their desires.

They’ll ignore it, and you’ll pay for the impression just the same. (A.K.A. – Lose a ton of money! 💸)

How do you serve a more specific, tailor-made ad targeting the actions your traffic is taking on your website?

That’s where SEGMENTATION raises it’s hand and says “Can I Help?”.

Retargeting is exciting enough without segmentation. Being able to serve another ad to ONLY those people who have visited your website is already something that hasn’t been available until the last few years.

But to be able to reach out and have a marketing message match their actions taken on your website? That’s next level stuff right there.

Welcome to the world of segmentation!

Installing segmentation code on the backend of your website must be done carefully and purposefully. It’s easy to make a mess of things and cause the whole campaign to implode.

However, everyone who has drilled down to this level has found segmentation to be worth its weight in gold.

Back to our “commercial – vs. – residential” example above… Instead of using ONE retargeting message that immediately half your audience will ignore (because they visited for a different purpose), now you can match your ad’s message to your visitor’s intent.

Mark those who visited for Commercial Roofing and deliver an ad to them that brags on your capabilities and experience in the Commercial Roofing space.

Did they visit because their home needs a new roof? You know this because they consumed all your content about getting a new roof installed on their home. Well, serve an ad to them that gives testimonials, financing specials, anything residential related and your conversions go sky high!

Now we’re to the final variable in the “T x R x S x f = AP” formula: FOLLOW UP.

The industry standard we’ve seen with successful follow up can be summed up in 15-minute increments. If you can follow up with your prospect within that 15-minute window (preferably immediately), the conversion rate is much, much higher than if you call within 30 minutes.

If you think getting in contact with your leads in an hour is doing well… or calling them tomorrow? We’ve just found the reason you’re not turning prospects into paying clients. (You’re welcome, I just gave you a $2,000 consulting session for free!)

I find it remarkable when reading reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor that one of the major complaints roofing clients have with service providers is no one will call them.

The typical response I receive when consulting with a company is “We’re so busy… blah blah blah.”

⚠️ Warning: Tough Love Ahead… ⚠️

If you are too busy to follow up in a TIMELY fashion with your leads – you are TOO BUSY! (and yes in my head I was screaming 🗣that statement.)

Here’s another way to look at Follow Up…

What would you do if someone walked up to you on the street and said, “Hey, I want to give somebody $10,000 today, and I’ve picked you? Here’s my number, call me in 15 minutes or less.”

Would you call that person after they walked away? I dare say most of us wouldn’t even let them leave. We’d pull out our phone while they were standing right there and we’d call them.

When you get a lead, that’s precisely what they are saying to you – just in a different way! They’re saying “I need a new roof and I’d like to see if I can hire you to do it.” Last I checked, roofs aren’t cheap. I’ve seen companies clear tens of thousands of dollars in profits with just one completed project.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot and setting fire 🔥to your business if you aren’t currently calling back leads in a timely fashion.

Hire another staff member, relocate someone who would be better suited inside… Do everything you can to FOLLOW UP!

Quick shameless plug: Notice Marketing helps businesses just like yours automate their follow up on several levels. From emails to texts sent on auto-pilot, roofing companies can go back to doing what they do best and leave 80% of the follow up to automation!

We all know that most sales don’t occur on the first website visit. Without the formula spelled out above, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

If you want to systematically grow (and maybe even double) your roofing company in 2019, you need the “T x R x S x f = AP” formula installed pronto.

Do you see the power in each of these formula “ingredients?”

Good news: I’ve opened up my calendar to take on a limited number of new roofing clients who are serious about getting the most out of their traffic and marketing dollars.

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Here’s to a wildly profitable 2019!