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Here’s One Of The Top Revenue-Generating Holiday Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

by Oct 14, 2020Small Business

“Business owners… Congrats! Black Friday is almost upon us!”

For context’s sake – let’s take a moment and chat about how vital this shopping season is for business owners and why EVERY business owner needs to find a way to pivot their service and products to an online presence.

(1) Last year, in the five day period from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, American consumers spent 19.62 Billion (yes, with a “B”) Dollars online for Holiday Shopping. [Source: Adobe Analytics]

(2) According to all metrics, Adobe Analytics also predicts that astounding figure to be up 15% this year (to $22.56 Billion)! This, of course, is due to a healthy job market and economy for the American people.

(3) In the upcoming Black Friday Shopping period (that begins on Thanksgiving Day), there will be the most consumer traffic EVER in the history of e-commerce.

(4) Another nugget to consider: 58,000,000 people in America chose to do their Christmas and Holiday Shopping ONLINE ONLY last year! That’s more than 1/3 of total shoppers who chose to stay away from the Brick and Mortar standard fare most businesses rely on today!

54,000,000 shoppers chose to shop online and in-store for 2017 and 51,000,000 decided it best to stay offline altogether.

For those counting the beans, that’s a little more than a 2:1 ratio of shoppers who spend money during the Christmas season by going online! Business Owners, here’s even more good news: the second highest amount of shoppers (54 million) still plan on stopping by if the offer you present to them online is worthy of their drive across town.

Keep in mind: The Holiday Spending Cycle doesn’t end until December 31st! A strategic campaign can generate real profits even after Christmas due to consumers expecting After-Christmas clearances and special sales.

Now, some small to medium-sized business owners (SMB’s) have a massive smile on your face right now because you’ve already looked ahead and planned an online marketing campaign that will do well during this upcoming season of heavy shopping.

For others, there’s a little fear, dread, or regret as you’ve got nothing special planned and you THINK it may be too late.

Well, I’ve got excellent news! The strategy I’m about to spell out for you can be planned out, designed, and implemented in time before the “Black Friday Rush” is here. All you’ve got to do is take action and run with it!!!

Facebook Messenger Marketing Is Your Answer!

Although this method of outreach and advertising has been around for at least two years now, still very few SMB’s are taking full advantage of it. I want to clarify Messenger Marketing is for every business regardless of what type.

An Automated Messenger Assistant can help retail shops looking to drive more foot traffic into their stores, realtors who want to sell X more units before the end of the year, service professionals like chiropractors, dentists, exterminators, med spas, and any other professional who depends on a monthly stream of leads to speak with and convert into customers.


Why Is Messenger Marketing So Dynamic?


For anyone who profits by speaking with humans [Ummm, that means all of us], Messenger Marketing is the most significant opportunity we’ve seen in business growth and for the communication of our message to the masses since the inception of email!

Can you remember when people were actually excited about receiving an email? After all, there was even a “You’ve Got Mail” alert that would sound when you received just ONE email. That’s how rare, new, and novel email was at one point – and everyone opened their emails in excitement!

But here’s the thing about emails these days – hardly anyone is checking them and if they do, they take too long to respond! It’s standard etiquette among all email users to allow from several hours to several days pass without reading or responding to the message.

In our world of instant gratification and Internet Attention Deficit Disorder (IADD), your future customers are only one text message, phone call, or fallen kid (as a parent) away from forgetting your email altogether.

Friends, email is getting crowded… and unfortunately, precious few small business owners are even growing an email list as it is. Most websites for small businesses (if they have one) are designed for desktop and don’t offer a great experience for those visiting on their mobile phone. This makes having someone opt-in for your list even more tenuous.

No, you need something INSTANT and EASY to gently crash into your customers’ lives for them to have a buying conversation with you. Messenger Marketing provides that desperately needed breakthrough!

Let’s talk application. After all, sunblock is only useful if you put it on before going down to the beach. All this stuff about Messenger Marketing is just fluff unless we put it into practice.

How can Messenger Marketing help brick and mortar businesses like restaurants or retail stores? Create an event, give a reason for your clients to visit and a reason for you to offer AMAZING prices. I can’t think of a better occasion to start a Messenger Campaign than Black Friday.

What we have seen work the best during these seasons of shopping frenzy are Viral Giveaway Messenger Builds. Basically, you come up with something incredible to give away and offer it only to those who respond through your Messenger Assistant.

For example, a restaurant might do “Free Tacos For A Year” and have fans and newfound friends opt-in via your Messenger Assistant. The secret behind the Viral Giveaway campaign is how quickly it spreads!

The excitement around the offer is infectious, friends share with friends, and entries go through the roof! Every one of those entries is now on your “newest version of email” list. You can now market to them in the future and reach out during special events throughout the year.

Here are a few case studies showing just how profitable a Viral Giveaway Messenger Build is…


(1) A sushi restaurant in California wanted to celebrate their Grand Opening with a Viral Giveaway Build. Here are all the amazing stats from their campaign:

– 900 shares on FB, over 5,000 comments (mostly organic due to shares)
– 2,807 leads registered for the giveaway (to be marketed to throughout the year now that they are on the client’s Messenger list)
– New Clients walking in on Opening Day due to the campaign: 30

This campaign instantly established their Sushi Restaurant as a “go-to” place for sushi in a very densely populated area with significant competition.

Total ad spend: $140.00


(2) A Car/Truck Tint, Alarm, & Audio Business In Texas ran a Viral Giveaway Campaign for a handsome gift card amount which could be taken off any tint, alarm, or stereo services. With a higher-end product, the lead opt-ins were lower, but the conversion success was very high due to a thank you offer provided to those who didn’t win.

– Had 294 leads opt-in to their Messenger List.
– Had 141 cash in hand, paying customers who came in and redeemed the “Thank You” offer. (Conversion rate of nearly 50%, which is AMAZING!)
– This campaign generated Thousands in revenue while only running 7 days.

Total Ad Spend: $100.00


(3) A Beauty Salon in Arizona ran a Viral Giveaway Campaign for their Manicure/Nails services. They offered Free Nails For A Year (once a month) and here are the stats from their campaign…

– 725 Leads Opted-In to their FB Messenger List
– The “Thank You” offer brought in 21 new clients – all from the 7-day campaign.
– Total Income from this campaign: $1175.00

Total Ad Spend: $360.00 (Equals a $0.50 cost per lead)

I could keep going with these successful campaigns but suffice it to say – they work! We’ve had a Floral Shop gain 16 new customers on only $100 in ad spend using this system. Other verticals this Viral Giveaway Campaign work for are the Med Spas, Spas, and Hair Salon businesses.

One could easily see massive success with those in the services industries: Chiropractors, Dentists, Pest Control, etc.

When can we get your Viral Giveaway Campaign started? There’s still time to have this done before 2018’s frenzy-filled shopping season begins. Will you be present online where 2/3 of consumers are looking to spend their money?

Schedule a free strategy call if you’re interested in setting up a Messenger Marketing Campaign for your business.

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