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The Importance Of Using Digital Marketing Right Now

by Aug 31, 2020Digital Marketing, Small Business, Social Media

There’s an old axiom that circles around the marketing world from time to time: “The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago; The Next Best Time Is Today!”

Such is the case with Digital Marketing and your business. First of all, I want to be entirely clear as to what I mean by Digital or Social Marketing. Yes, we use Facebook as the “gas” we put in the “machine” to brings your business leads, customers, and positive ROI but we don’t use it in the method that many marketers do today.

When Facebook first arrived on the scene for businesses, there was a fresh crop of Social Media Managers who popped up seemingly overnight. Ironically, many presented themselves as “experts” when that particular field (and Facebook itself) had only been around for a few days. I don’t know about you, but I don’t call someone an expert after they’ve been plying their trade for only a couple of days, but I digress. While there is a market for businesses using Social Media Managers (SMM’s), this is beyond the realm of what I’m talking about when I say “Digital Marketing.”

Social Media Managers work on creating viral content to evoke likes, shares, and exposure. There are those who do this very well. One of my favorites, Rachel Pedersen, has an original formula she uses to generate this awareness. With the help of her cohorts, more times than not she knocks a home run for her clients. But again, that’s awareness and virality that SMM’s are aiming for. While it can create profitability as well (as hers usually does), to my simple mind it’s a little harder to track ROI. So I turn to Direct Response Digital Marketing.

Direct Response Marketing is simply the process of marketing by which an honest-to-goodness offer is presented and an invitation is given for your future customer to act immediately upon that offer. Throughout the process, tracking points are placed in order to compare cost of advertising to profits generated. 

There is no spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on awareness “hoping” it will bring in a new client. Oh no, Direct Response Marketing is a method by which you can tell immediately how your campaign is performing based on the actions your targeted audience is taking.

For example, if you’re selling a widget that costs your $5.75 to make, you can set up an ad campaign to sell your widget (along with upsells and downsells – the magic in digital marketing for e-commerce) and immediately after a day or so, you can determine your return on ad spend. If it costs you $7.00 to acquire one customer, but your average cart value is $11.75, you scale the campaign and ride it out until fatigue sets in. Direct Response Marketing gives you this method of tracking whereas awareness marketing would provide no such means.

The business owners I serve in Digital Marketing are those who need lead generation and client acquisition to keep the doors open. I’m talking about mortgage brokers, dentists, chiropractors, car washes, etc. These all need new clients coming in each month to continue offering their particular services on a profitable scale.

Direct Response Marketing is perfect for these professionals. I’ve seen dentists receive 90-100 piping hot leads in one month, yearning to take advantage of their offer as seen on social media. I’ve seen mortgage brokers go from struggling to generate 5 leads per month with their marketing to now needing to employ an assistant just to qualify and forward the most “ready to proceed” leads to them to get started on the close. This is what we provide to our clientele – direct, measurable results where we earn our fees and more for our customers!

This is the day to get started on digital marketing! I’d love for you to use my services to bring in your leads and customers. What could your business do with 30 Customer Opportunities guaranteed each month? Let’s set up a strategy call over the phone and find out!